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Money shouldn't prevent students from being part of the U of T Mountain Bike Team.  Part of the mission of the team is to try to reduce the substantial costs incurred at university when it comes to extracurricular sport.  By donating to the Mountain Bike Team's Legacy Fund you can help current student athletes participate in the sport that adds so much to their university experience.

Our Legacy Fund helps subsidize the cost of team uniforms, race fees, awards and the annual team recognition evening.

We appreciate your support and thank you.

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Past Award Winners:

View the list of past winners of the Most Valuable Rider and Spirit of the Sport Awards.

The Travels of the Blues Jersey:

Have a photo of you in your jersey on vacation?  Send it to David Wright.

Martin C. (2004) - Kissing the Blarney Stone, Blarney Castle, Ireland

Eric C. (2007) - Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m ABSL)
in Tanzania, Africa

Antonia G. (2004) - Mountain biking with the UofT jersey
in Chamonix, France

Mike C. (2002 In one of the original jerseys) and Michelle E -
Goldbar Park, Edmonton Alberta

David D. (2002) (U of T, Ph.D. at Oxford) -
2006 Ironman World Championships, Clearwater, Florida

Monika (2005) and Chris (2005) - Killarney National Park, Ireland, 2006

Cate D. - Hangin' out with George, Tour de France 2006
(the jersey was there in spirit)

Alana T. (2004), Adam L. (2002) & Kevin F. (2003) - North Carolina, USA
"We climbed up 1,600ft!!"

Cate D. & Thorsten K. (2006) - Porcupine Rim, Moab, Utah

Adam L. (2002) & Alana T. (2004) - World Masters Games
(Edmonton, Alberta, 2005)

Duane E. (2005) - Le Col Du Galibier, France
(Duane rode all the major Tour de France climbs)

Eric B. (2003) & Angela P. (2003) - British Columbia
(Lake Kalamalka & Spanky's Trail)

Tony C. (2003) - Tour de France 2005, Paris, France
(Lance Armstrong's 7th Tour Victory)

Kristen L. (2005) - Netherlands (Belgium in the background)

Thorsten & friends (2005) - The Edge Loop, Fruita, Colorado

David W. (2002) - Duart Castle, on the Isle of Mull in Scotland

Myra R. (2001) - Utah