U of T's bike team was founded in 1997, becoming one of the first recognized university mountain bike teams in Ontario.  That year we participated in, and won, the inaugural Ontario University Cup Mountain Bike Race Series.  Eight other schools fielded riders to compete in this fun series, which has become an annual event.

In 1999 we were granted official varsity team status.  Several members went on to found the Ontario University Mountain Bike Race Council (OUMRC), which served as a catalyst for the formation of many other mountain bike clubs across Ontario.

The team currently comprises over 50 active members, and we hope to attract more for the upcoming race season. Our riders range in skill level from beginners who have never competed on a bike to elite athletes who race at the World Cup level.

2019-2020 Team Executive:

Team Captain:
Ian MacDonald
Michal Leckie


Social Coordinator:
Jamie Williams

Arsalan Mir-Moghtadaei

Team Apparel:

Gregory Borschneck

Assistant Coach:
Sam Mayboom
Undergraduate Officer (Rookie Rep):
Carlin Henikoff
Head Coach / Team Development:
David Wright

Club Constitution:

Read the Constitution of the University of Toronto Mountain Bike Club/Team.

How to start a Mountain Bike Club at your university:

It's easier than you think to establish a Mountain Bike Club at your university.  All you need to do is be motivated enough to make a few phone calls.  Contact your university's Student Council or Clubs Office and you’re more than halfway there.

The University of Toronto established its club and race team in 2000, and since then it has grown to over fifty riders.  Whether you're from a large school or a small one, we would love you to become a part of the growing university-level racing scene in Ontario.  In 2005, 22 universities and colleges from across the province fielded teams to compete in the University Cup race series.  Many students represented their school unofficially; why not become official by having your club recognized at your home institution?  If your school doesn’t yet have a club here is how to start one:

Get in touch. There are several ways to get in touch with your university's Clubs or Student Affairs Office.  You can:

  1. Go to the Student Council Clubs Office during office hours.  You can find its location on your school's website or in your student handbook.
  2. Give your Student Council a call.  Again, the phone number is easily found in any school's student handbook or through the main switchboard.
  3. Send an e-mail. Sometimes this is a fastest way to get answers.

If you have any questions about forming a club feel free to contact us.  We had to write up a club constitution, which may be a requirement at your school as well. You can read ours (above) as a guide, and if you have any questions about it please contact David Wright.

If you want to find out more about clubs at other schools you can find their contact information here.

Good luck!