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Our Mission

To introduce and promote Cross-Country Mountain Bike Racing to Ontario's University and College students in a fun and enjoyable way.

The OUMRC is group affiliated with the Ontario Cycling Association. Made up of students and alumni, we represent Universities and Colleges across Ontario that advocate mountain bike racing.

Mountain biking is not a recognized Varsity Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Sport yet, and we hope to help it become one. In the meantime the OUMRC remains committed to the spirit that motivated our founding in 2000 - TO HAVE FUN, AND RACE. Plain and simple. What better way to have fun than by riding, laughing, and racing in the woods with friends and teammates who share a common passion.

We strive to maintain and promote the reason why each of us started mountain biking in the first place - FOR ENJOYMENT!! Good karma comes to those that don't take things too seriously and give something back to the sport. Have fun and bring your sense of humor!